How much do websites cost?

Figuring out how much a website will cost can be challenging. We’ve built a handy tool to help you estimate how much investment will be required, as well as a breakdown of the associated costs.

Your Costs

You can pay for your website in a lump sum, or spread the payments over 12 months.

One-off Cost: £0

12 months

Monthly Cost: £0

Monthly payments are offered as a way to spread your fees over a longer period to help relieve the costs of a new website. They include a 10% fee added to the upfront cost.

What are the costs of a website?


There are a number of costs which have to be considered on a monthly basis. It is often the case that you can save up to 20% on the annualised cost by paying in one lump sum.

  • Website Hosting
  • Online Marketing
  • Plugins + Extensions
  • Maintenance + Retainers
  • Licensing


It isn’t all monthly and annual commitments – there are some costs of a website which you’ll only need to pay once. They include:

  • Copywriting
  • Licenses for Plugins + Extensions
  • Website Design 
  • Logo Design
  • SEO Audits


Aside from the annualised cost of the items listed in the monthly section, there are a number of other things for you to consider when pricing up your new website.

  • Domain Names
  • Email Hosting
  • SSL Certificates

Anything else?

Some costs associated with a website aren’t immediately obvious, but can find themselves hidden within the small print. They include:

  • Payment processing fees
  • Security fixes


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